Collection: MINERAL + ELEMENT Collection

Introducing our new ✨Mineral + Element 💎 Collection! Each piece is hand-carved, cast and one-of-a-kind!  This collection utilizes recycled metals and sustainable or lab grown gemstones. Not only is this collection good for the earth but it’s also easier on the budget making these pieces both sustainable and attainable! These are one-of-a-kind and will be exclusively available through scheduled online drops. So be sure to join our VIP email list to be the first in line for one of these unique beauties!

This collection is hand crafted using recycled gold, silver and base metals as well as responsibly sourced Sapphires and sustainable lab-grown Nano Gems*!

*What are Nano gems? 💎 Nano gems are lab-grown gemstones made of a hybrid of nano sized crystals of Spinel as well as other minerals like Aluminosilicates.  This unique combination of properties provide the desired characteristics of a natural gemstone’s color, clarity, brilliance, durability and sustainability!