Jewelry is radiant. It is derived from the earth’s elements and casts energy. Our ethos is to source responsibly to preserve this vitality. By harnessing the power of these elements, vibrations emerge. 

Since my earliest recollection, a passion for fashion and jewelry has embellished my heart. As a jewelry designer and ceramic artist, my work is deeply influenced by a fusion of materials and eras, particularly reflecting the boldness and experimental spirit of the 60’s and 70’s fashion and jewelry styles.

I have earned a BFA in the melding of Jewelry Design and Ceramics attending New York City's School of Visual Arts and graduating from Moore College of Art + Design in Philadelphia.

My aesthetics are rooted in decades of amassing vintage treasures, immersing myself in the experience of live music and vinyl records, along with my enduring admiration for iconic furniture and architecture.

Design that ignites inspiration and exceptional music maintain a constant presence in my life. After a ten year hiatus, I have returned to the jewelry industry and continued to pursue my 20 year exploration in the synergy of raw materials.

My creative process unfolds within the walls of my Marin County CA studio, where I design every piece for Studio Vittorelli. My work can be viewed in person at our new showroom location in downtown San Rafael, CA.