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Studio Vittorelli

Gold Plated Nugget Ring with Turquoise Nano Gems

Gold Plated Nugget Ring with Turquoise Nano Gems

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Handcrafted from recycled brass and plated in 24k gold, this hand-carved ring is meticulously formed using the time-honored technique of sand casting, allowing the captivating "imperfections" of the casting process to shine as stunning organic accents. Adorned with four Nano gems in varying sizes, in hues of turquoise, each securely cast in place. Truly one-of-a-kind.

What are Nano gems? 💎 Nano gems are lab grown gemstones made of a hybrid of nano sized crystals with various physical-chemical properties based on spinel, gahnite, sapphirine and other crystals are formed. This unique combination of properties provide the desired characteristics of a natural gemstone’s color, clarity, brilliance, durability and sustainability!


Ring is cast as a size 8, can be sized up or down within 1 size.  Please message us with "Custom Size" and send the desired size after the order is placed, custom sizing will take 5 additional business days.

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